Page 2 10/15/12


I shouldn’t be worried. As long as the recruits are ready, willing, and able to fight and spread the truth. The rebels will have us all turned into human robots in a month if they get their hands on the MKULTRA data the government has. But both sides have the intentions to use it. We “criminals” intend to destroy all of it, if we can get it. But that’s not what the rebels tell their people. They tell them that they’re going to destroy the data. They tell them that the “criminals” are just Government spies trying to stir up trouble. They manipulate their people already, so what do they need mind control for? I twist a lock of my raven-black hair around my finger. But then, I hear a rustling in the branches. Before whatever it is knows what hit it, I have it pinned against the trunk of the tree.


Page 1 – 10/11/12


Melody Crowe. This name-mMy name strikes fear into the hesrts of many. People are warned about the girl with the black hair and the purple eyes. They don’t know anythinh about me, though, except what they’re told. They’re told I’m dangerous; the enemy. That’s all they know, because that’s all the rebels want them to know. I fiddle with the leather choker toed tightly around my neck, thinking of my twin brother. He’s back in Washington with the rest of Treason, our group of so called “criminals”. If all goes well on my assignment out here in Oregon, I’ll be back with the group soon, helping train new recruits before we head to Montana. That is, if no one figures out my identity, the plan should go off without a hitch. Although, I’ve been on undercover missions before and nothing has ever gone wrong.